Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator

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Health RiskClassification
Low0.95 or lower
Moderate0.96 to 1.0
High1.0 or higher

What is Waist-to-Hip Ratio?

The waist-to-hip ratio is a health metric that compares your waist measurement to your hip measurement. It is calculated by dividing the circumference of your waist by the circumference of your hips.

Pros of the Waist-to-Hip Ratio

  • Predicts Health Risks: A high waist-to-hip ratio is linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.
  • Easy to Measure: Calculating your waist-to-hip ratio is quick and easy, requiring only a flexible tape measure.
  • Account for Body Composition: Unlike BMI, which only considers weight and height, waist-to-hip ratio accounts for body composition and fat distribution.

Cons of Waist-to-Hip Ratio

  • Limited Generalizability: The waist-to-hip ratio was originally calculated in people of European origin, so it may not account for differences in body composition in other ethnic and cultural groups globally.
  • Does Not Account for Muscle Mass: Waist-to-hip ratio only measures fat distribution and does not account for muscle mass or overall fitness.
  • May Not Be Suitable for All Body Types: Waist-to-hip ratio may not be an accurate measure for people with certain body types, such as those with a pear-shaped body.

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